Sault wishes to advise a further update in relation to the current COVID-19 situation.

We wish to thank the many people who have been offering their support during this time,  our beautiful, loyal customers and all those that have dined with us over the past 14 years (yes it’s been that long!). From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

As you are probably now aware the Victorian government has stipulated that as of Tuesday all non-essential services will cease operation. Obviously this means we will no longer be trading as a restaurant and at this stage, we are unsure of the duration for this.

It is difficult to express our emotions at this moment but we have always said that the most important thing is the safety, health and well being of our family (and we include our staff in the term family), friends, customers, clients and suppliers. We have no issue in following the health authorities advice if that is what is deemed appropriate to do this.

Within this horrific time there will be wonderful examples of the strength in human spirit. There will be days the sun shines that little bit brighter than you’ve noticed before.

Our family, friends and loved ones will be integral in us rising above the gloom.

Please be conscious of those less fortunate, we need to ensure we all get through this extremely tough time.

It feels strange that the Earth seems to be breathing a little better, less pollution, blue skies in once smog ridden cities and many more examples of beauty, yet the cause of those things is related to this virus that restricts the breathing of humans, many of whom have passed with many more to follow.

May they rest in peace.

We are taking the next few days to breath, refocus and continue some brainstorming of ideas that may give customers the opportunity to enjoy a 3 course meal prepared by our chefs and a great drop to go with it, that we then deliver to your home or accommodation. Essentially it will give you the opportunity to have a restaurant prepared experience, with simplified cooking and plate-up instructions, photos and perhaps even a video! Have your own restaurant at home with most of the hard work done and exceptional quality produce. We are also working on some great frozen meals that we will also arrange home delivery for, or a drive-through option at Sault. Stay tuned for more details soon and please feel free to call us and express interest, obviously demand will determine the viability.

We are all in this together and we wish everyone stays safe and healthy.

We look forward to seeing you in happier circumstances, shaking hands, giving you a welcoming hug and enjoying a wonderful dining experience with us and the beautiful surrounds of our region.

We wish you love, we wish happiness, we wish you all the best.

Jodi, Damien, Max & Lilly and the team at Sault.

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