The creation of a great winelist

The Sault wine list was crafted by Damien Aylward and Andy Percy (managed Tolanos Restaurant in Melb for 9 years) over many nights of joyful debate and many tastings.

Both Andy and Damien have been friends for many years and both have an avid appreciation for the importance of a good wine.

Wine is an integral part of a meal or a dining experience and can stimulate great conversation about far away vineyards or the taste transporting you to a fond memory.

Both Andy and Damien are constantly "researching" new wines and debating the tastes and qualities.

The wine list they have created consists of a beautiful blend of local and international wines.

It is wonderful to see the passion they both have to continue to grow and evolve the choice guests can have from the wine list at Sault

The vineyads around Sault - Sault Restaurant Daylesford
This is Andy thinking of the next fabulous wine for our list.
The vineyads around Sault - Sault Restaurant Daylesford
Outdoors playing Bocce.