Sault Estate property access:

Access to the lavender and sunflowers on our private property at Sault is available for professional photography opportunities, subject to availability, these must be booked in advance and the location fee is $200 for 1 hour, or $350 for 2 hours access (Photographer not provided by venue). Our restaurant diners who are not seeking a professional photo shoot can access the gardens prior to and after their booking at no charge.

The property will be available over the Summer flower season to general public that do not have a restaurant booking at a cost of $5 per person. There will be limits to the number of persons on-site at any one time.

Please respect the property and the gardens whilst visiting, we spend many thousands of hours working on them for people to enjoy. Please do not pick flowers and only walk between rows, not across them. All rubbish must be taken with you and the property is not available for picnics or any similar activities.

For further enquiries please call the restaurant on 03 5348 6555.

Photo credits Jarrod Andrews and Connie Cao