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Sunflowers Fields Finished

Our Sunflower fields have now finished but next season the field will be larger. We’re also planting more seasonal flower fields starting in Spring, stay tuned to see what they will be!

Coming into Autumn the leaves are starting to turn gold and red and our lavender fields are still softly in bloom making it a very beautiful time to visit and sample the new seasonal menus.

News Dishes for Autumn

Introducing new dishes to the Sault seasonal menu, more coming this week so keep on eye on our Sault Instagram Stories.

So much fresh produce coming from the kitchen garden and fresh honey from our Sault Bee hive, yum!

This week we farewell the pop up flower field of Sunflowers, these beauties are nearly completely finished.

However due to overwhelming demand and love we have decided to create a larger field next Summer as well as seasonal flower fields, stay tuned to see what the other flower fields will be and the months they will be blooming.

The next pop of colour at Sault will be the amazing Autumn leaves changing on the property, poplars by the lake will soon turn gold and the Manchurian pears will go red, a super pretty Autumn sight.

Food photos by Jezriel Ganino Sunset by Jarrod Andrews Sunflower Field by Connie and luna

Sunflower Field

Sault are so excited to welcome our newest flower field: SUNFLOWERS.

We’ve planted 1000 sunflowers and with the care of head gardener Adrian Deakin these beautiful flowers are now here. As our gift to our restaurant guests we offer an invitation to visit this happy field.

Surely one of the most happy flowers on the planet.

With love from the Sault team and Lilly xx

Pictures by @lisaeatworld @flockhartjodi

New Summer Menu 2020

New dishes have just arrived on our Seasonal menu at Sault. Beautiful creations by head chef Hugh Maxwell and his team, Liam, Carmen, Bec and Jamison.

So exciting to be harvesting so much fresh produce from the ever expanding kitchen garden and our strawberry patch.

See you soon!

Food images by Jezriel Ganino and Wedding Barn shot by Connie and Luna. Thank you Visit Melbourne for featuring us in your post.

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